Lady Marigold heals with flower power

As someone who is trying to learn more about natural remedies and the healing properties of herbs, calendula first came onto my radar last year. A friend gave me a bunch of seeds from her flowers, and I planted them, late, in unremedied soil. In return, I got a whopping four flowers, which finally popped open just as the frosts were beginning.

Those flowers were beautiful little bursts of color in a dying landscape and while they were uplifting to see (I grew something!), they also weren’t anything I could really use since there were so few.

The seed catalogs have been coming, and the few warm, teasing days we’ve had are making me yearn to get my hands dirty in the garden again. I’m hoping to have a little more luck with my calendula, chamomile and bee balm flower garden that bombed last year. Maybe, just maybe, this year I can try my hand at making some herbal remedies.

Recently, I began noticing mentions of someone called Lady Marigold on Facebook. I saw that a couple friends had “liked” this Marigold person, so I checked her page out, and found a post asking if anyone would like to try her salve. Well, yeah! What I didn’t expect, though, was an immediate response, and a complimentary tin of calendula salve in the mail not long after.

Lady Marigold is Cori Douglas, a local wife, mother and certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Aromatherapy Practitioner. She has worked at Rebekah’s in Lapeer for more than five years as a Wellness Consultant and has assisted a Doctor of Natural Medicine in Oxford. She lives her life in a way that matches her values, allowing her to be dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and sustainability. That includes operating a large organic farm where she grows all the herbs and flowers she uses in her products.

Cori Douglas is Lady Marigold

Lady Marigold — the name comes from the calendula flower which is also known as a pot marigold — currently offers more than 20 different products, and more are in the works. “I love to express myself creatively and the ideas are limitless,” said Cori.

She makes her popular organic calendula oil by infusing the flowers she grows in olive oil and vitamin E. “Calendula has great healing properties for treating most skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, skin rashes, dry skin, burns, cuts, scrapes and is even safe to use on infants and nursing mamas,” she said. “We also make our famous healing salves which are very nourishing for dry skin. I have a little slogan at home: ‘When in doubt, just put some salve on!’ When my kids get a boo-boo or have really chapped lips we go for the salves!”

“Just put some salve on it!”

Cori’s products include her calendula salve, a moisturizing salve with cocoa butter and shea butter, and a 10th power pain-relieving salve with arnica oil and 10 pain relieving essential oils. She offers several different blends of botanical roll-ons such as Dreamcatcher for sleep, 10th Power for pain relief, and her personal favorite, a blend for women called Sister Magic. She also carries essential oil sprays for natural perfumes and air fresheners, a yoga mat spray (she makes custom yoga mat sprays for In2Yoga in Lapeer), and a Germ Guard hand sanitizer spray. She is currently formulating six new products including a kids’ line for stress, anxiety, and focus.

Lady Marigold offers more than 20 products

Cori said she is inspired by the healing properties of plants, and she’s finding that more people are becoming interested in organic, natural products that are chemical free.

“It’s exciting to be a part of a thriving community dedicated toward organic and sustainable farming,” she said. “Many families are starting their own gardens at home and teaching their children how to grow and care for plants. Just like my business, it started with me just being a mom who wanted a better, healthier life for my kids. So I started creating salves and remedies in my kitchen like a mad scientist until I got it down.”

Lady Marigold is becoming more of a full-time job for Cori, and she’s planning to do some markets and festivals starting in May. You can find all of her events on the Lady Marigold page on Facebook.

Lady Marigold products can be found at Rebekah’s Health & Nutrition Source in Lapeer and Grand Blanc, IN2Yoga and Fulcher’s Therapeutic Massage inside of One Wellness downtown Lapeer, and Chef G’s in Lapeer.

Her website is continually getting updated with new products, including a new line of resin art pendants, diffuser necklaces and bracelets. She accepts wholesale accounts for larger orders, and is happy to make customizable blends with 100% pure essential oils and herbal extracts. She can be contacted via email at, call or text at 810-656-4684 or through private message on Facebook.

I’ve been using the calendula salve Cori sent me on my terrible winter hangnails, and my boys and I have been putting it on our dry lips as well. Last night, my youngest had a sore finger from biting his nails, so… I just put some salve on it! It smells like sunshine, and it makes me happy to use something that I know was grown and created locally with natural, organic ingredients, made with love by a mom who trusts it for her own family.

Now, if I could just stop singing Lady Marmalade every time I see the words Lady Marigold…

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